Cochise County Death Index (since 1980)

Typically 3-5 deaths occur every day in Cochise County*                       75-120 per month – over 1,000 per year

This may be the best resource about deaths, of all types, in Cochise County, AZ . . .  BUT

The limitations of this resource (and others) –  Many websites re-publish information purchased from the U.S. Social Security Administration.  The SSA acknowledges that the information they provide is incomplete, and became more so with records since 2002, and most recently (Nov 2011) stopped including in the DEATH MASTER FILE information collected from state agencies determined to be “protected state death records”, has removed 8.9 million records and will add about 1 million fewer records annually.

In our most interesting corner of the world  – where rumors, misinformation and myths abound – we aim to use the best tools and highest journalistic standards and become the best source for reliable data about recent deaths in, and/or directly related to, Cochise County, AZ.  Our initial estimate is that should be about 1,000 deaths per year.   We intend to find and publish information about more than 30, 000 deaths (from about Jan 1, 1980).

We’re working on a better format/system for this project. This is a start. A place to put the data that we learn about from a variety of sources (families, police reports, hospitals, care centers/hospices, funeral homes, other news services, etc).

* This list contains persons who died in Cochise County, plus persons who died elsewhere but were at time of death considered to be resident of Cochise County, AZ

To suggest additions, corrections, improvements, please contact David M Morgan [email protected]  520-236-4051


Most recent death at top, reverse chronological order

Format = Last name(s), First name(s), Age, Place of death, Nature of death, Date of death, Data source

XX = Unknown data  placeholders       Violent/Unusual deaths 


August 2014

Lonardelli, Beverly S, 77, Sierra Vista, AZ,  (unspecified), 08-16-2014, SV Herald (obit)

Ronquillo, Andres V, 76,  Benson,  AZ  (unspecified), 08-15-2014,  Benson News-Sun (obit)

July 2014

June 2014

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

February 2014

January 2014

December 2013

November 2013

October 2013

September 2013

August 2013

July 2013

June 2013

May 2013

Rider, Nelson R “Nellie”, 76, Sierra Vista AZ (hospital), unspecified, 05-07-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Morin, Raymond Dean, 57, Bisbee AZ, cancer, 05-03-2013, friends

Myles Jr, Alfred Jerome, 59, unspecified, unspecified, 05-03-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Morris Sr, Stanley Don, 75, unspecified, unspecified, 05-02-2013, SV Herald (obit)

April 2013

Aubrey, George, 90, Sierra Vista AZ (home), unspecified, 04-29-13, SV Herald (obit)

Olson, Ronald Ray, 69, unspecified, unspecified, 04-29-13, SV Herald (obit)

Sexton, Deborah Ruth “Debbie”, unspecified, unspecified, 04-28-13, SV Herald (obit)

Wheeler, Gene D, 54, unspecified, unspecified, 04-27-2013, CCSO press release

Flannigan, David, 55, McNeal AZ (home), unspecified, 04-27-2013, CCSO press release

Wood, Martha Arlene, 76, Willcox AZ (home), unspecified, 04-26-2013, CCSO press release

Meeker, M David, 80, Sierra Vista AZ (home), unspecified, 04-26-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Utterback Jr, Henry D, 50, Tucson AZ (hospital), unspecified, 04-26-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Fifield, Craig Stewart, 63, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 04-14-2013,  SV Herald (obit)

Moncayo, Joe Seledon, 80, Tombstone AZ (home), unspecified, 04-13-2013, SV Herald (obit)

March 2013

Clark, Michael, 68, Sierra Vista (home), unspecified, 03-22-13, CCSO press release

Carner, William Ray,  62, Hereford AZ, unspecified, 03-14-13, CCSO press release

Bowman, Barvan, 67, Sierra Vista AZ (care center), unspecified, 03-12-2013, CCSO press release

Von Kanel, Beatrice, 95, Sierra Vista AZ (care center), unspecified, 03-02-2013, friend

Ribic, John, 60, unspecified, heart attack, 03-01-2013, family

February 2013

Rothery, Don, 66, unspecified, unspecified, 02-28-2013, SV Herald (news)

Wagner, Stephen Scott, 47, Sierra Vista AZ, unpsecified, 02-25-2013,  SV Herald (obit)

Childers (Workman), Eileen Joy, 71, Huachuca City AZ, unspecified, 02-17-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Coulston-Lloyd, Coral Ann, 55, Sierra Vista AZ (hospital), unspecified, 02-14-2013 , SV Herald (obit)

Martinez, Gertrude, 75, Sierra Vista AZ (care center), unspecified, 02-13-2013,  SV Herald (obit)

Polaha, Louisette Josette, 73, Sierra Vista AZ (home), Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), 02-12-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Luna, Luis G, 58, unspecified, unspecified, 02-11-2013, (SV Herald (obit)

Howard, Charles L, 79, unspecified, unspecified, 02-10-2013, Bisbee Observer (obit)

Jaster, Lawrence Joseph, 91, Bisbee AZ, unspecified, 02-10-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Sulger, Daniel Alan, 55, Sierra Vista AZ (home), unspecified, 02-10-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Hughes, Alida Joyce, 40, St David AZ, suicide (gun), 02-09-13, family

Schaefer, Neil A, 59, unspecified, unspecified, 02-09-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Boyle, Elizabeth, 94, unspecified, unspecified, 02-09-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Bartels, Harvey “Rusty”, 83, unspecified, cancer, 02-08-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Yates, Trella Frances, 100, unspecified, unspecified, 02-06-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Gutierrez, Eva E, 84, Douglas AZ (residence), unspecified, 02-06-13, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Miller, Linda A, 72, unspecified, unspecified, 02-05-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Palma, Pablo Ricardo, 86, Douglas AZ (hospital), 02-03-2013, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Schumacher, Deborah Marie, 18, Sierra Vista AZ (street), vehicle accident, 02-01-2013, SVPD (report)

McNab, Katherine, 92, unspecified, unspecified, 02-01-2013, Bisbee Observer (obit)

January 2013

Fisher, Mitch, 43,  unspecified, unspecified, 01-31-2013,  Bisbee Observer (notice)

Funston, Henry H, 83, unspecified, unspecified, 01-31-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Riley, Kyle J, 26, Tucson AZ, unspecified, 01-30-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Abel, Judith, 63, Sierra Vista AZ (home), unspecified, 01-28-2013, CCSO (report)

Berg, Kathlyn (Kitty) A, 84, Sierra Vista AZ (home), unspecified,01-28-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Valdez, Edwardo, 57, unspecified, unspecified, 01-28-2013, Douglas Dispatch (notice)

Unknown (male), Unknown, XX, Fort Bowie AZ, suicide (knife), 01-27-2013, CCSO (report)

Pinedo Robles, Frances, 88, unspecified, unspecified, 01-27-2013, Douglas Dispatch (notice)

Young, Sharon Austin, 67, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 01-27-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Lefurgey, Wayne Sheppard, 50, Bisbee AZ (jail), suicide (hanging), 01-26-2013, news

Flanagan, Dee L, 59, unspecified, unspecified, 01-26-2013, news

Turner, Robert, 88, unspecified, unspecified, 01-26-2013, Arizona Range News (obit)

Benavides, Maria A, 79, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 01-25-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Abrigo, Ida Huizar, 89,  unspecified, unspecified, 01-25-2013, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Germeroth, Aldine, 83, unspecified, unspecified, 01-24-2013, SV Herald (notice)

Holmes, Carolyn J, 67, Tucson AZ, unspecified, 01-24-2013, Arizona Range News (obit)

Shepherd-Forte, Helen R, 82, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 01-22-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Thompson, William Gary, 67, Sierra Vista AZ (home), unspecified, 01-22-2013, SV Herald (notice)

Abellido, Anicia, 78, Sierra Vista AZ (hospital), unspecified, 01-21-2013, SV Herald (notice)

Christiansen, Richard L, 79, Tucson AZ (hospital), lymphoma, 01-20-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Gardoni, Josephina, 32, Tucson AZ (hospital), unspecified, Bisbee Observer (obit)

Hasse Sr, Eugene W, 86, Sierra Vista (home), unspecified, 01-20-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Urquillo, Rebecca, 88, Douglas AZ (home), unspecified, 01-19-2013, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Alvarado, Christina R, 82, unspecified, unspecified, 01-19-2013, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Bankston, Dolores, 80, Bisbee (hospital), unspecified, 01-19-2013, Bisbee Observer (obit)

Harris, Kathy Dean McKenney, 54, unspecified, unspecified, 01-19-2013, SV Herald (notice)

Molinari, Elayne, 84, Sierra Vista (home), unspecified, 01-18-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Sealey Jr, William (Rick), 35, Tucson AZ (hospital), unspecified, 01-18-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Rodriguez, Elsa Margarita, 57, Bisbee (home), unspecified, 01-17-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Bereman, Sandra, 75, unspecified, unspecified, 01-16-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Brown, Courtney, 57, Tucson AZ (hospital), vehicle accident, 01-16-2013, Bisbee Observer (news)

Query, Phyllis Sue, 90, unspecified, unspecified, 01-16-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Criger (williams), Nelda M, 78, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 01-14-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Gillispie, Dorothy Marie, 87, unspecified, unspecified, 01-14-2012,SV Herald (obit)

Jones, Joyce Andrews, 81, unspecified, unspecified, 01-14-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Lutes, Claude, 85, Whetstone AZ, unspecified, 01-14-2013, CCSO (report)

Rivera, Leopold, 63, unspecified, unspecified, 01-14-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Eckard, Clara Sylvia, 94, Sierra Vista, unspecified, 01-13-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Medlock, Dottie Jo, 87, Tucson (hospice) unspecified, 01-13-2013, Arizona Range News (obit)

Morlock, Lena Ruth, 88, unspecified, unspecified, 01-13-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Hartzell Sr, Daniel Lee, 70, Douglas AZ (near home), unspecified, 01-12-2013, CCSO (report)

Humphrey, Mary Ann, 66, Whetstone AZ, cancer, 01-12-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Jacobo-Carrillo, Florencio, 82, Tucson AZ (hospital), 01-11-2013, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Moody, James Christopher, 46, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 01-11-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Allen, Carolyn, 77, unspecified, unspecified, 01-11-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Hight, Rex M, 96, unspecified, unspecified, 01-11-2013, Benson News-Sun (obit)

Doty, Virginia L, 92, unspecified, unspecified, 01-10-2013, Westlawn Chapel (notice)

Johnson, Rober Glenn, 70, Willcox AZ, unspecified, 01-10-2013, Westlawn Chapel (notice)

Randolph, Charles Ross, 74, unspecified, lung cancer, 01-08-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Tapia, Emma B, 83, unspecified, unspecified, 01-08-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Arnold, Dakota Jay, 21, St David AZ, automobile accident, 01-07-2013, DPS (notice)

Robles, Josefina F, 67, unspecified, unspecified, 01-07-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Campbell, Elizabeth J, 00,  unspecified, unspecified, 01-06-2013, Westlawn Chapel (notice)

Unknown (female), Unknown, 83, Tombstone AZ (home), fire, 01-06-2013, news

Pierce, Lyle Leslie, 81, Chandler AZ, unspecified, 01-06-2013, Arizona Range News (obit)

Beckmen, John Norman, 92, Sierra Vista AZ (hospital), 01-06-2013, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Puckette, Donald Wayne, 69, Sierra Vista AZ (home), cancer, 01-06-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Pasterski, Marguerite, 99, unspecified, unspecified, 01-05-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Schaff, Nan Curtis, 86, Benson AZ (hosptial), 01-05-2013, San Pedro Valley News (obit)

Novacek, Anthony S, 50, unspecified, unspecified, 01-05-2013, SV Herald (notice)

Heaton, Brigitte G, 75, Tucson AZ (hospital), unspecified, 01-04-2013, SV Herald (notice)

Hartman, H “Red”, 91, Sierra Vista AZ (home), unspecified, 01-04-2013, SV Herald (notice)

Orr, Wayne, 81, Sierra Vista (hospital), unspecified, 01-03-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Johnston, Rilda Jane, 84, Hereford (home), natural causes, 01-02-2013, CCSO (notice)

Kline, Harold “Skip”, 65, Tombstone AZ, heart attack, 01-02-2013, SV Herald (notice)

Johnston, Rilda Jane, 84, Sierra Vista (home), 01-02-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Worden, Earl D, 90, unspecified, unspecified, 01-02-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Kline, Homer Elmer, 65, St David AZ (Express Stop parking area), unknown medical, 01-02-2013, CCSO (notice)

Torres Meza Sabby, Linda, 33, unspecified, unspecifed, 01-02-2013, Benson News-Sun (obit)

Russell, Sarah P, 90, Sierra Vista AZ (assisted living center), unspecified, 01-01-2013

Bokowski, Gerald Edward, 81, Tucson (hospital), unspecified, 01-01-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Botello, Robert, 60, Sierra Vista AZ (home), unspecified, 01-01-2013, SV Herald (obit)

Yentsch, Richard J, 78, unspecified, unspecified, 01-01-2013, Arizona Range News (obit)

December 2012

Simmons (Laird), Marjorie Janet, 67, unspecified, unspecified, 12-31-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Rybski, Richard Gregory, 44, Sierra Vista (home), unspecified, 12-31-2012, SV Herald (notice)

Simmons, Marjorie, 67, Sierra Vista AZ (en route to hospital), head injury, 12-31-2012, CCSO (notice)

Taylor Jr, William Rodman, 85, Sierra Vista AZ (care center), unspecified, 12-31-2012, SV Herald (notice)

Juarez, Enriqueta R, 93, Sierra Vista (care center), unspecified, 12-30-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Conat, Harold Lloyd, 73, unspecified, unspecified, 12-30-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Baca, Antonio Ray, 55, unspecified, unspecified, 12-30-2012, Douglas Dispatch (news)

Price, Mary, 86, unspecified, unspecified, 12-29-2013, Bisbee Observer (obit)

Kiefer, Elaine, 79, unspecified, unspecified, 12-28-2012

Middleton, Randolph J, 62, Tucson AZ (hospital), unspecified, 12-28-2012, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Nelson, Shelba Jean, 74, Sierra Vista (care center), congestive heart failure, 12-27-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Thygesen, Lois Ann, 78, unspecified, unspecified, 12-26-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Kolen, Tom, 53, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 01-26-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Newhouse, Homer E, 92, Sierra Vista AZ (hospital), unspecified, 12-26-2012 , SV Herald (obit)

Rodriguez, Julian L, 87, unspecified, unspecified, 12-26-2012, Notice-Westlawn Chapel

Tribe Jr, Stanley Gordon, 85, unspecified, unspecified, 12-25-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Alger, Russell, A, 86, unspecified, unspecified, 12-25-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Hill, J.W., 83, Tucson AZ (hospital), lung cancer, 12-25-2012, Benson News-Sun (obit)

Watson, Ronald O, 69, Willcox AZ, unspecified, 12-25-2012, funeral.com

Rodriquez, Julian, 87, unspecified, unspecified, 12-24-2012, Arizona Range News (obit)

Tinney, Kathleen Cay, 32, Palominas AZ, unspecified, 12-24-2012, CCSO (report)

Williams, Donald E, 91, unspecified, unspecified, 12-24-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Downey, Anita L, 58, Bowie AZ, unspecified, 12-23-2012, CCSO (report)

Riddle, John “Jack” Albert, 84, Bisbee AZ, unspecified, 12-23-2012, Bisbee Observer

Hotchkiss, Gwendolyn Marie, 81, Tucson AZ (hospital), 12-23-12, SV Herald (obit)

Ulses, Josephine, 95, Willcox AZ (nursing home), unspecified, 12-23-2012, Notice-Westlawn Chapel

Walter, Katherine, 84, Sierra Vista (nursing home), unspecified, 12-21-2012, Notice-Hatfield Funeral

Fralie, Daniel Vance, 83, Animas (home), mesothelioma, 12-21-2012, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Holder, Elizabeth Ann, 51, Hereford AZ, unspecified, 12-20-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Regueiro, William, 89, unspecified, unspecified, 12-18-2012, SV Herald (obit)

James Sr, Wallace Edwin James, 72, Benson AZ (home), pancreatic cancer, 12-18-2012, Benson News-Sun (obit)

Klaus, Helen H, 88, Tucson (hospice), unspecified, 12-18-2012 , SV Herald (obit)

Stone, Lee Allen, 64, Gilbert AZ, 12-18-2012, SVH (obit)

Reed, Jimmy C, 77, unspecified, unspecified, 12-18-2012, Notice-Westlawn Chapel

Mueller, Walter, 103, Willcox AZ (nursing home), unspecified, 12-18-2012, Notice-Westlawn Chapel

McDowell, Thomas W, 75, unspecified, unspecified 12-17-2012, SVH (obit)

Patterson, Christina C, 26, Sierra Vista, childbirth complications, 12-17-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Volgyi, Frank Louis, 82, Tucson (hospital), unspecified, 12-17-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Williams, Holland Greene, 91, Sierra Vista (residence), unspecified, 12-16-2012, SVH (obit)

Hudson, Hannelore, 73, unspecified, unspecified, 12-16-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Frieders, Carl Frank, 91, Tucson (hospice), unspecified, 12-16-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Carter, Ernie, 93, unspecified, unspecified, 12-16-2012, Notice-Westlawn Chapel

Drouillard, Joan, 71, unspecified, unspecified, 12-16-2012, Notice-Westlawn Chapel

Ross, Alyssa, 53, Tucson (hospital), cancer, 12-16-2012, Bisbee Observer

Gagnier Demuth, Marjorie Carol Hogan, 82, Huachuca City AZ, unspecified, 12-15-2012, SVH (obit)

Davies, Nancy Church, 84, Bisbee AZ, unspecified, 12-14-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Chadwick, Frank Richard, 94, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 09-14-2012, Tombstone News (obit)

Bangle, Kelly David, 30, unspecified, unspecified, 12-14-2012, SVH (obit)

Foerster, Alice H, 63, unspecified, pancreatic cancer, 12-13-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Taylor, Charles K, 75, Lake Novillo, Mexico, unspecified, 12-13-2012, SV Herald (notice)

Pinedo, Pascuala, 85, Tucson, unspecified, 12-13-12, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Dorame, Consuelo C, 81,Douglas AZ (residence), unspecified, 12-12-12, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

McGrath, David N, 57, unspecified, unspecified, 12-12-12, Westlawn Chapel (notice)

McCommas, James Edward, 85, St David AZ (home), unspecified, 12-12-2012, Benson News-Sun (obit)

Philpott, Gladys, 92,  unspecified, unspecified, 12-12-12, Westlawn Chapel (notice)

Fierros, Jose Maria “Joe”, XX, unspecified, unspecified, 12-11-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Bate Sr, Charles H, 67, unspecified, unspecified, 12-11-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Christ, Francis Leo, 89, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 12-11-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Walker, Claude D, 64, unspecified, unspecified, 12-11-2012, SVH (obit)

Swift, Michael J, 60, unspecified, unspecified, 12-09-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Pinson, Les, XX, unspecified, unspecified, 12-08-2012, Notice-Westlawn Chapel

Foster Parham, Annie Lou, 91, Sierra Vista AZ (nursing home), unspecified, 12-08-2012, SVH (obit)

Ladd, Frances Marie, 83, Bisbee AZ (ranch), unspecified, 12-08-2012, SVH (obit)

Russell, M Essie, 94, unspecified, unspecified, 12-07-2012, SVH (obit)

Leistner, Robert Lee, 69, unspecified, unspecified, 12-07-2012, SVH (notice)

Frankenfield, Frieda, 86, unspecified, unspecified, 12-07-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Webster Sr, Douglas L, 62, Willcox AZ (residence), unspecified, 12-07-2012, Westlawn Chapel (notice)

Chappell-Thibedeau, Gail Ann, 62, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 12-05-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Martin, E.R., 85, unspecified, unspecified, 12-05-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Waters Wilhite, Elva Jean, 75, Tucson (hospital), unspecified, 12-05-2012, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Walter, Jennifer, 59, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 12-04-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Eilers (Oakes), Dorothy, 83, unspecified, unspecified, 12-04-2012,  Benson News-Sun (notice)

King, Eugene Leonard, XX, Sunsites AZ, automobile accident, 12-03-2012, CCSO

Rivers, Lester Carl, 77, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 12-02-2012, SVH (notice)

November 2012

Hargis (Hoffman), Edith N, 86, unspecified, unspecified, 11-28-2012, SVH (notice)

Rose, Robert William, XX, unspecified, unspecified, 11-28-2012, SVH (obit)

Leonard, Patricia Anne, 79, Sierra Vista AZ (nursing home), unspecified, 11-27-2012, SVH (obit)

Wright, Jane Garrow, 88, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 11-27-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Stickle, Lillian, 93, unspecified, unspecified, 11-26-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Simpson, Frances Cora, 81, unspecified, unspecified, 11-24-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Unknown, Unknown, 01, Sierra Vista AZ, drowning,11-23-2012, SV Herald (news)

Tucker, Kathleen K, 67, Tucson (hospital), unspecified, 11-22-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Sturm (Mandalakis), Fay, 74, Sierra Vista AZ (nursing home), unspecified, 11-21-2012, SVH (obit)

Prickett, Phyllis Sandusky, 89, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 11-17-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Knuth Mellen, Concetta, 83, unspecified, unspecified, 11-15-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Newnham, Elaine LaVonne, 78, Benson AZ (home), unspecified, 11-15-2012, Benson News-Sun

Gillispie, Dorothy, 88, Hereford AZ (nursing home), unspecified, 11-10-2012, CCSO (report)

Nance, Merilyn, 73, unspecified, unspecified, 11-02-2012, SVH (obit)

October 2012

Martinez, Ebony Alana, 00, Tucson (hospital), Congenital Heart Defect, 10-25-2012, family

Fennell, James Cader, 83, unspecified, unspecified, 10-24-2012, Bisbee Observer (obit)

Mortensen, Myrtle A, 95, unspecified, unspecified, 10-21-2012, SV Herald (obit)

LaChance, Kenneth William, 85, unspecified, unspecified, 10-15-2012, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Winter, William F, 86, unspecified, unspecified, 10-13-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Southard, K C Paul, 18, Sierra Vista AZ, homicide (murder), 10-20-2012, news

King, Cameron, 15, Tombstone AZ, officer-involved shooting, 10-06-2012, TMO (report)

Ivie, Nicholas, 30, Bisbee AZ (east of), accidental shooting, 10-02-2012, CCSO (report)

September 2012

Camacho-Hernandez, Sandra, 35, Willcox AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 09-29-2012, news

Camacho-Quintana, Margarita, 43, Willcox AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 09-29-2012, news

Quintana, Rigoberto, 12, Willcox AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 09-29-2012, news

Romero, Angel Gabriel, 02, Willcox AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 09-29-2012, news

Dever, Larry A, 60, Flagstaff AZ area (roadway), vehicle accident (single vehicle), 09-18-2012, AP (news)

Brown, Jeff, 58, unspecified, unspecified, 09-05-2012, Bisbee Observer (family announcement)

Kennedy, Michael, 59, Tombstone AZ, suicide, 09-05-2012, friend

August 2012

Unknown (soldier), Unknown, 00, Sierra Vista AZ (hotel), unspecified, 08-21-12, news

Henderson, Truitt (Steve), unspecified, unspecified, 08-04-2012, Tombstone News (obit)

July 2012

Sutherland, Carol Lee, 81, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified,07-18-2012, SV Herald (obit)

Dolphin, Robert Arthur, 41, Tombstone AZ, unspecified, 07-15-2012, Tombstone News (obit)

King, Roger MacIntosh, 63, Tombstone AZ (home), unspecified, 07-01-2012, Tombstone News (obit)

June 2012

Busing, Joyce Maureen, 79, Tucson AZ (nursing home), vascular dementia, 06-10-2012, AZ Cert of Death

May 2012

Kelly, John, XX, Benson, AZ (unspecified), (unspecified), 05-24-2012, Benson Sun-News (news)

April 2012

Andrews, Amanda, 22, Sierra Vista AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 04-18-2012, news

Dove, Robert W, 21, Sierra Vista AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 04-18-2012, news

March 2012

Wilson Jr., Kenneth L, 47, Nogales AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 03-30-2012, news

Thomas, Jonathan S, 23, Sierra Vista AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 03-15-2012

Chambers, Justin, 23, Sierra Vista AZ (residence), unspecified, 03-10-2012, news

Honeycutt, Jacob M, 22, Sierra Vista AZ (highway), gunshot+vehicle accident, 03-04-2012, news


February 2012

Unknown female, 16, Sierra Vista AZ (home), unexplained accident, 02-29-2012, SV Herald (news)

Johnson, Ivy Michelle, 18, Willcox AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 02-25-2012, news

Morton, Joshua Michael, 17, Tucson AZ, firearm injury, 02-15-2012, news

Reed, R.G., 81, Sierra Vista AZ (nursing home), unspecified, 02-13-2012, Bisbee Observer (notice)

Studer, Edward Earl, 80, Tucson AZ (hospital), unspecified, 02-06-2012, Bisbee Observer (notice)

Zimmerman, Suzanne Denise, 49, unspecified, unspecified, 02-04-2012, Bisbee Observer (notice)

January 2012

Kolbe, Mayola Clementine, 78, Tucson (hospital), lung cancer, 01-XX-2012, Bisbee Observer (notice)

Spinks, Lee, 62, Bisbee AZ, complications from stroke, 01-05-2012, Bisbee Observer (obit)

Griffin, Jack Ray, 97, Douglas AZ, unspecified, 01-04-2012, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Vasquez, Sonya Michelle, 40, Tucson AZ (hospital), cancer, 01-01-2012, Bisbee Observer (obit)

December 2011 

Comaduran, Steve, 30, Mescal AZ (bar), homicide (manslaughter), 12-13-2011, family

Morgan, Elvera Jane, 90, Sierra Vista AZ (care center), unspecified, 12-02-2011, news

High, Isaac J, 65, Willcox AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 08-02-2011, news

Young, Mercedes, 02, Willcox AZ (highway), vehicle accident, 08-02-2011, news

November 2011

October 2011

Velsasco Reyes, Mary, 86, unspecified, unspecified, 10-19-2011, SSA

September 2011

Forster, Marshall John, 69, unspecified, unspecified, 09-30-2011, SSA

August 2011

Child, Bart, 29, Ft Huachuca AZ (school), unspecified, 08-13-2011, news

Schlosser, Richard Leo, 54, Whetstone AZ (home), unspecified, 08-11-2011

Calderon, Carlos Enrique, 23, Sierra Vista AZ (residence), homicide (murder), 08-06-2011, news

Lull, Conner Mathew, 22, Sierra Vista AZ (residence), homicide (murder), 08-06-2011, news

July 2011

Langenberg, Kenneth Ray, 77, Sierra Vista AZ (residence), homicide (murder), 07-24-2011, news

Taylor, Shane Ray, 22, Sierra Vista AZ (residence), homicide (justifiable), 01-15-2011, SV Herald (news)

June 2011

May 2011

April 2011

March 2011

Carlos La Madrid, 19, Sierra Vista AZ (border fence), homicide (justifiable), 03-21-2011, SV Herald (news)

February 2011

January 2011

Jordan, Raul, 84, unspecified, unspecified, 10-20-2011, SSA

Brunk, Catherine A, 64, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 01-02-2011, SSA

December 2010

Slough, Michael, 53, Parker Canyon Lake AZ, drowning, 12-20-2010, SV Herald (news)

Terry, Brian, 40, Rio Rico AZ, homicide (murder), 12-14-2010, AP (news)

November 2010

Green, James W, 50, Sunizona AZ, homicide (murder), 10-15-2010, SVH (news)

October 2010

Lemaire, Walt Gabriel, 23, Coronado National Memorial AZ, gunshot (murder-suicide), 10-03-2010, news

Allen, Sheryl Lynn, 23, Coronado National Memorial AZ, gunshot (murder-suicide), 10-03-2010, news

September 2010

Keyes, Devvra Alesya, 31, Benson AZ, homicide (murder), 09-07-2010, SVH (news)

August 2010

July 2010

Manring, Brenda June, 45, unspecified, unspecified, SSA, 04-07-2010, SSA

June 2010

Krentz, Robert, 58, Douglas AZ (ranch),  homicide (murder), 03-27-2010, news

May 2010

Hart, Alvin Neal, 70, unspecified, unspecified, 05-10-2010, SSA

April 2010

Unknown (soldier), Unknown, Sierra Vista AZ (home), gunshot (suicide), 04-25-2012, news

March 2010

February 2010

Fry Corona, Margaret Jeanne “Maggie”, 40, Sierra Vista AZ (home), abrupt/unknown, 02-19-2010, family

Unknown (Female), Unknown, 00, Sierra Vista AZ, exposure, 02-08-2010, azstarnet (news)

Garcia-Pastana, Manuel, 40, Douglas AZ, exposure, 02-01-2010, azstarnet (news)

January 2010

Henderson, Barbara Cubberly, 100, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 01-26-2010, SSA

Rivera Vera, Rafael, 22, Douglas AZ, motor vehicle accident (driver), 01-08-2010, azstarnet (news)

Acosta, Miguel Rivera, 32, Douglas AZ, exposure, 01-07-2010, azstarnet (news)

Solis, Jorge, 28, Douglas AZ, homicide (justified), 01-04-2010, azstarnet (news)


Cosme-Avelino, Panchi, 37, Bisbee AZ, motor vehicle accident (pedestrian), 11-10-2009, azstarnet (news)

Unknown, Unknown (assumed illegal), 00, Benson AZ, exposure, 10-06-2009, azstarnet (news)

Arroyos-Olivas, Andres, 18, St David AZ, motor vehicle accident, 10-04-2009, azstarnet (news)

Aguilar, Adriana B, 34, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 09-07-2009, SSA

Panichi, Carol A, 59, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 08-05-2009, SSA

Ramirez, E, 82, Tombstone AZ (home), homicide (gun) 03-16-2009, news


Waller, Christina, 14, Tombstone AZ (area), automobile accident, 12-05-2008, news

Quimby, Ryan, 19, Tombstone AZ (area), automobile accident, 06-13-2008, SV Herald (news)

Gleason, Patrick, XX, Willcox AZ, homicide (murder), 06-02-2008

Ramirez Orosco, Maria, 33, St David AZ (roadside), homicide (murder), 06-02-2008

Jones, Ron, 45, Elfrida, AZ (home) homicide (murder), 05-27-2008


Fisher, DeeAnn, XX, unspecified, unspecified, 12-12-2007

Davis, Wendy, 44, Huachuca City AZ, suicide (gunshot), 09-12-2007, news (SV Herald)

Lanham, Alan R, 45, unspecified, unspecified, 07-08-2007, SSA

Russell, James C, 72, Ft Huachuca AZ, suicide (drowning), 04-21-2007

Dominguez-Rivera, Francisco Javier, 22, Douglas AZ, homicide (justifiable), 01-12-2007


Earhart, Jesse, 25, Mescal AZ, homicide (justifiable), 11-08-2006, news

Archer, Aaron A, 34, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 04-17-2006, SSA

Pagalilauan, Adelina, 86, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 02-16-2006, SSA


Tellez, Alejandro C, 21, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 12-28-2005, SSA

Carolus, Barbara, 23, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 05-05-2005, SSA

Ochoa Gomez, Adrian, 31, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 02-26-2005, SSA

Jensen, Samuel R, XX, Sierra Vista AZ, homicide (murder), 02-04-2005


Cepeda, Anthony M, 32, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 09-28-2004, SSA


Eggers, Brad, 43, McNeal AZ (residence), homicide (murder), 12-08-2003

Eggers, Delyn, 40, McNeal AZ (residence), homicide (murder), 12-08-2003

Coonts, Dorothy A, 54, Tucson (highway), automobile accident, 12-08-2003, Tucson Citizen [news]

Harness, Bridget K, 01, Sierra Vista AZ, 12-08-2003, SSA

Gleave, Benda A, 40, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 09-30-2003, SSA

Macguire, Aislynn T, 2, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 06-13-2003, SSA

Novasic, Nick, 92, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 04-21-2003, SSA

Saloman, Jorge, 23, Sonora MEXICO, homicide (murder), 02-28-2003, news


Moore, Alex J, 21, unspecified, unspecified, 11-08-2002, SSA

Delajoux, Alice, 101, unspecified, unspecified, 10-30-2002, SSA

Whitaker, Ruth, 101, unspecified, unspecified, 01-19-2002, SSA


Hanke, Mike, 30, Sierra Vista AZ, motorcylce accident, 08-25-2001, SV Herald (news)

Karber, Mary Lynne, 57, Tucson AZ (hospital), unspecified, 06-10-2001, misc notice

Hopper, Sonny, 62, unspecified, unspecified, 06-07-2001, misc notice

McCloskey, Addie, 80, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 04-19-2001, SSA

Capas, Francisco M, 77, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 04-29-2000, SSA


Roach, Carl D, 57, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 01-15-2000, SSA


Romero, Ricardo, XX, Douglas AZ (rural), homicide (murder),10-10-1998, SVH (news)

Infante, Maximino Blanco, 49, Elfrida AZ (roadway), single-car accident, 05-10-1998, Bisbee News

Melendez, Arturo F, 45, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 04-13-1998, SSA

Kirkman, Candace, 41, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 02-04-1998, SSA


Fierros-Grijalva, Gabriel, 19, Douglas AZ (outskirts), homicide (police), 09-11-1997, 

Jewell II, William R, 47, Bisbee AZ (home), congestive heart failure, 06-09-1997, Bisbee News

Barnes, B D, 39, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 03-15-1997, SSA

Insogna Sr, Joseph Dennis, 52, Bisbee AZ (home), unspecified, 01-29-1997, Bisbee News


Maryland, Alvin, R, 46, unspecified, unspecified, 09-29-1996, SSA

Irvin, Margaret Jean, 68, Douglas AZ (home), unspecified, 08-30-1996, Bisbee Daily Review


Whitaker, Ruth, 41, Sierra Vista AZ (beauty salon), homicide (murder), 12-23-1995, Tucson Citizen (news)

Jaime, Ruben Quijada, 66, Douglas AZ, unspecified, 07-28-1995, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Jacoby, Mary Emma,85 , Bisbee AZ (hospital), unspecified, 04-12-1995, Douglas Dispatch


Posada Jr, Eddie, 23, Douglas AZ, homicide (murder), 08-05-1994, news

Cruz Tapia, Sergio, Douglas AZ, homicide (murder), 08-05-1994, news

James, Helen, XX, Douglas AZ, unspecified, 07-13-1994, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Krameisen, Aaron, 68, Sierra Vista AZ, sunspecified, 04-05-1994, SSA


Ibarra, Carlos Aguirre, 36, Tucson (hospital), heart failure, 07-09-1993, Douglas Dispatch (obit)

Ibarra, Maria, 86, Douglas AZ (medical center), unspecified, 03-08-1993, Douglas Dispatch (obit)


Meyers, Mandy, 13, Elfrida AZ, homicide (murder), 07-09-1991, news

Snyder, Mary, 13, Elfrida AZ, homicide (murder), 07-09-1991, news


Nixon, B, 35, Sierra Vista AZ, unspecified, 06-01-1990, SSA

Fraise, Allen C, 42, unspecified, unspecified, 05-01-1990, SSA


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