Phantom inmates in Cochise County jails? the Official list isn’t right, but why?

How many errors are there in CCSO’s Current Inmate List?

The 1st pg of the CCSO Current Inmate List for 04-29-13, published daily - sometimes

The first page of the CCSO Current Inmate List for 04-29-13, published daily – sometimes

The Current Inmate List at the Cochise County Sheriff’s website indicates Total Housed Inmates at 208 but includes at least one inmate name – Nubian Amon Ra – that was transferred to the Arizona Dept of Corrections Prison [ASPC Lewis Stiner Unit] on March 15, 2013

The Current List, 5 pages dated 04/29/13, includes Name, Booking #, Location, and Time Incarcerated. Today’s list, the first published since last Thursday morning, shows 208 names but includes

Amon Ra, Nubian Tye Himba [Booking #12-0621, Location CCJ-TEMP-TEMP-TEMP-0003, Time Incarcerated 01:20:00 02/24/12]

Amon Ra’s wife, Kristina Dunn says from Georgia that he is in the Lewis prison unit at Buckeye, AZ.  

AZ Dept of Corrections Record for Nubian Amon Ra as of 04-29-13

AZ Dept of Corrections Record for Nubian Amon Ra as of 04-29-13

Bill Lamoreaux of the Arizona Department of Corrections says that any movement of Amon Ra [Inmate 063129] would be tracked in the system that is available for public inspection and that system shows no movement of Amon Ra from his assigned unit since March 25, 2013. 

So, the CCSO list is not accurate, has not been for some time, and in what other respects is unclear. 

Today’s List includes 5 other inmate names designated as “TEMP“: 
  • Brown, Alfred Harris, [Booking #12-3148, Location CCJ-TEMP-TEMP-TEMP-0004, Time Incarcerated 00:06:24 09/25/12]
  • Romero, Jorge Anthony [Booking #12-0170, Location CCJ-TEMP-TEMP-TEMP-0012, Time Incarcerated 14:45:16 02/07/13]
  • Van Ginkel, Trina Kay [Booking #12-3087, Location CCJ-TEMP-TEMP-TEMP-0050, Time Incarcerated 14:56:24 09/18/12]
  • Williams, Alvin Darnell [Booking #12-2477, Location CCJ-TEMP-TEMP-TEMP-0037, Time Incarcerated 13:50:00 07/27/12]
  • Williams, Jerome [Booking #12-3900, Location CCJ-TEMP-TEMP-TEMP-0007, Time Incarcerated 15:51:49 12/01/12] 
The Time Incarcerated indications suggest that these inmates have been in CCSO custody for hundreds of days each, but if, and for how long, they were actually held is uncertain.
In the last 3 weeks the Current Inmate List, evidently generated by the Spillman software reporting system [report rpjmcil.x2 – Current Inmate List, by Name], has been posted late, or not at all, on several occasions. On three successive Fridays the list has not been posted at all to the CCSO website.
On Saturday April 13 I visited the jail in Bisbee and asked about the lack of current reports. Corporal Olson at the front desk indicated no knowledge of the problem. Current Booking Summary Reports for the previous 2-3 days also were not publicly available.
When I asked Olson for a copy of the current inmate list from which he was working – in plain sight, and adjacent to the office copier – he said he would not provide it to me.
Inquiries about these matters, over the last two weeks and addressed to Sheriff Mark Dannels, CCSO Communications Program Director Carol Capas, and CCSO Jail Commander Kenny Bradshaw, have not been answered.

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