Cochise County Record

Image of Cochise County Record physical edition stack of newspapers
Image of Cochise County Record physical edition stack of newspapers

Cochise County Record

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Cochise County Record

Documents of all types from all local Government offices, and more

Sierra Vista Police
Bisbee Police
Benson Police
Tombstone Marshal’s Office
Huachuca City Police
Willcox Police
Douglas Police

Cochise County Sheriff’s Office
Cochise County Superior Court
Sierra Vista Justice Court
Bisbee Justice Court
Tombstone Magistrate Court
Huachuca City Magistrate Court
Willcox Justice Court
Bowie Justice Court
Douglas Justice Court
Court hearing transcripts
Property Transaction records
Marriage Certificates
Divorce documents
Probate documents
Official recordings
Police recordings
Federal court documents
FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
DPS – Arizona Department of Public Safety

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Example of police document – CCSO incident report

Example of court document – transcript

Example of court document – affidavit for a search warrant

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